Book Review: Web of Shadows, Susan Sleeman

webofshadows_225I love the rich, vibrant characters that Susan develops. They are good and strong, be they on the right or wrong side of the law. In fact, I cringed when the villain in this book was named! He’s as creepy as ever, with a grudge against FBI Agent Nina Brandt, who sent him to prison. When he inadvertantly runs into her, his crazed plot for revenge begins. It unfortunately involves Nina’s ex-love, Navy SEAL Quinn Stone and his family. Nina must get involved and save not only Quinn’s younger brother, but her own career.

The suspense begins on the very first page, and doesn’t stop until the end. It’s certainly a book that you do not want to put down. The action is realistic; the bad guy is BAD and the good guys triumph. As with life, there is tragedy along the way, but Susan handles those incidents well. There is no gore, no violence-for-shock-value scenes in her book. It’s a good, stirring, clean read that takes you on a great ride through the risks of national security and just how vulnerable it may be.

Web of Shadows is Susan’s second book in her Agents Under Fire series. Susan’s books are available on Amazon and elsewhere. You can connect with her through social media:

Through her own website,, and her website for suspense fans, The Suspense Zone, where she feautures other authors.

Susan’s Facebook page and Twitter



Book Review: High Caliber Holiday by Susan Sleeman

HCH 2015The third installment of Susan’s First Responders series opens and closes with edge-of-your-seat action. Ex-lawyer Morgan Thornsby is taken hostage on a train and the First Response Squad is called out. Negotiations don’t go as planned, and team sniper Brady Owens must take a shot; but he freezes for a split second. When his shot hits Morgan, Brady feels responsible and silently vows to care for her. What they find in her apartment after he takes her home opens up the start of a tense stalker case that finishes in Susan’s trademark twist of plot. Just when you think you’re sure who it is, she dazzles with an unforeseen but believable alternate suspect that makes you slap your head and utter, “I forgot about them!”
The characters in High Caliber Holiday are familiar old friends you’re happy to be revisiting. You want to join them in the dining room of the old firehouse for a home cooked meal by Darcie or attending Skylar’s huge Christmas shindig. They are engaging and you don’t want the story to end.
Susan’s brand of clean romantic suspense is highly recommended for all!


Fan Girl Friday

Yes, I obviously love to read. And, I obviously love authors. Recently, I have gathered a few on my Facebook pages, and I really would like to have a fan girl moment over a few of them.

Robin Lee Hatcher. She writes a few different genres, from contemporary to historical fiction and romance. She has a slew of awards and a nifty, printable booklist on her page. Her stories are uplifting and filled with characters that are believable, sturdy and ones you’ll just fall in love with immediately.

Angela Hunt. Not only does she have a wide range of genre, but she also has a great series on writing that she regularly offers for free for Kindle on Amazon. Her suspenseful story lines are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of the seat and reading very late into the night.

Colleen Coble. She loves the ocean. You can tell from her writing. And her webpage and recent contests. You can feel the salty breeze as you enter the story and get swept away in the plot. Wonderful characters and places you want to visit someday.

Tamera Alexander. Historical fiction on par with Margaret Mitchell and John Jakes. Sweeping scenes of grandeur, proper ladies and gentlemen of Southern breeding, beautiful book covers with period gowns. And, dang if she doesn’t have a cute little accent herself! (There’s a video tour of Belle Meade plantation on her website)

Susan Sleeman. She’s got a knack for suspense as well as a great sense of humour. If you love a cozy mystery, or a cozy and funny mystery, Susan is the author for you! I love the Justice Agency for drama and  The Garden Gate series for some good old fun!

Not only do these ladies have talent, but they are downright nice. Each one of them has taken the time from their more than busy day to chit chat with me. Yes, me, little indie author who probably pesters them more than anything. I don’t know if it’s just “the age in which we now live” that provides us a bit of easy access to those we wouldn’t normally hob nob with. Then again, I can not imagine some other authors I enjoy posting encouraging comments on their Facebook page (if they even have one). No, these ladies, and a few others, are a step above. They take the time to reach out to those who enjoy their work and show appreciation. A few words goes a long way. Many others in the spotlight should take the lesson to heart. (Hello, ComicCon people who charge $50 per autograph. And race car drivers who think they don’t need to talk to children who have waited hours for them to show their faces. I could go on, but I won’t…now.)

Which brings me to a funny story involving my son. When I pointed out to my 14 year old that all of the library books in my hand were by authors who I knew (using the term loosely) he asked me, “Are they famous?”

“Yes,” I said, my chin raised, with not a little pride.

“And, they actually talk to YOU?” 

Wretched little six foot tall twerp. In a further attempt to impress him I sputtered, “Yes! And don’t forget I talk to Chautona all the time!”

He made “that face” (you know the one if you have a 14 year old son) and said, “She’s known you a long time. She HAS to talk to you.”

Dude. Let’s see if he eats tonight.

Check this out when you leave today. Let me know what your favorite is 😉

Till Next Time, Dream BIG! And let them Soar!