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You still have time to download Sunnie’s Rainbow and Restoration for free!

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The Lakeville Fall Promotion is starting tomorrow, September 20 and running through Tuesday, September 23!

Sunnie’s Rainbow and Restoration will be free, and Seasons of a Life is only $1.99…that’s the whole series for $2

Seasons Of A Life

 Sunnie’s Rainbow: Book Two in the Lakeville Series

Restoration: Book Three in the Lakeville Series

This is your chance to get the updated versions of both Seasons and Sunnie. Sunnie has a bonus chapter, and there’s a recipe included in Restoration. IF you have the old versions of either the first two books, you can delete them from your account and re-download. (Just remember that Seasons of a Life is not on free promotion.)

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Happy Anniversary To Us!

Thirty years! August 6, 1983 was hot and humid as only New Jersey can be. We had a little white Chevette that my friend wrote “Just Married” on…in RED lipstick! The lipstick melted, and we had red drip marks on the car for a few weeks.

So, to celebrate the occasion, I am giving away a signed copy of Restoration (since it has weddings in it!) AND a $10 Amazon gift card! This way, you can buy the Kindle version, too! (okay, not really, you can buy whatever you want! Read through recent posts to see my book/author recommendations!)

Just follow the directions on the Rafflecopter thingamabobbie there. Contest runs today through the 7th, and I’ll pick the winner early on August 8. This way, I can mail out your book over the weekend! Amazon gift card will come via email.

Thanks to all!

Dreamin’ of 30 more! Way to soar!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

WINNER ANNOUNCED! Shirley! Thank you! An email has been sent and your gift card is on the way!


Celebrate FREEDOM With a Free Book!

What better way to celebrate freedom than by getting something free? We all know the FREEDOM we enjoy in this wonderful country did not come without strings and the life’s blood of many men and women. So, Between July 4 and July 7, grab a little something that is really FREE….a Kindle copy of Sunnie’s Rainbow!

From the front matter:

To all the men and women who serve this country, be it on homeland or foreign soil, God bless and protect each and every one of you.

To the families, no matter if they endure odd hours or long deployments, God’s grace and mercy.

 Especially to the wives of all our fine men, thank you for your selfless spirits. May the Lord’s peace always hold your hearts. Thank you.

Blessings to all, till next time,


My goofy little book trailer:


Restoration Update

We have a completed cover!



Many thanks to all who gave me opinions, helped me find images, fonts and all that other crazy stuff that goes into creating a book’s cover.

We had a small glitch in editing, but we are back on track and the final edits should be complete by the end of the month. As much as I love Silas and Jude, I’m ready for them to be finished so I can move along to the next novel (or at least choose which one).

Keep an eye on the blog and new website! Contests will be appearing! 😉

Till then, be extremely blessed!



“Under Construction” in Lakeville…Keep Your Eyes Open!

Growing up in the Garden State, I’ve seen my share of road construction signs. It’s an ongoing season in N.J. that never ends, just moves from place to place, bottling up traffic where you least NEED it.



That’s what’s happening in Lakeville, and I must say it’s rather exciting! As I’m waiting on Restoration to return edited, I’ve been working on covers. Yes, multiple covers! Both Seasons and Sunnie are getting cover and interior makeovers! They’ll look crisper, cleaner and more professional. I must reiterate: I’m rather excited!

Keep your eyes open for the announcement for 1) pre-orders for Restoration’s print version and 2) special offers on the new and improved print versions of Seasons and Sunnie.* I’m sure they’ll be new book trailers and memes floating around, too. You know how it is once the creative phase starts. As in the classic children’s tale, when you give an author a new program to play with….

The website will also be getting some sprucing up in the months ahead. Again, moving toward a crisper, more fresh look. With added features, including newsletter sign up, previews and more. Exciting things happening in Lakeville!

*I must add, this does not negate the work and hours put into the previous covers and interior design by Laura and Chautona. The fact that they still speak to me on a regular basis proves my mania was lovingly (hopefully) tolerated. I am so very grateful to both for their continued support, help, and encouragement.

As Always, be Blessed Till Next Time!



Winner! And, Patiently Waiting

Gay Idle won a signed copy of Seasons Of A Life from Donna O’s review post. Gay’s blog, Captive Heart, is inspiring and downright pretty to look at! Enjoy it with a steaming cuppa. Congrats, Gay, and I hope you enjoy Seasons!

I am partially patient in waiting on my edited manuscript. So far, I have avoided sending my cousin a slew of emails asking if she read it, or hated it, or any combination thereof. If we still lived in NJ, I probably would have driven to her house by now. Just to sit and watch the door in case she left.

While I semi-patiently wait, I’ve been learning GIMP (freeware version of Photoshop) and working on covers. I found a wonderful graphic that captures the heart of the story. With many emails back and forth to Chautona, I think I’ve gotten the basic cover mocked up. It’s been fun, a wee bit frustrating and so rewarding! Sort of like parenting.

Now, if only I could get my blogging up to par. 😉 I’ll try to be more prolific. There’s plenty in my brain that needs a place to land besides my husband’s ears.

Till Next Time!