Walking Over Rocks

I am so very blessed to live in the most beautiful area. The foothills of the Rocky Mountains. All around me is majestic beauty as well as many businesses that begin with “Front Range,” “Foothills,” or some form of the actual elevation.

We live on a school campus, and the campus includes a track. Last year, I was up to almost 2 miles per day, then the bad weather hit. So, I’m working my way back up.

The track is rough. Lots of rocks, sticks and pebbles. I should wear closed shoes, but today I went for what was closest to the door.  I set off on my trek of 4 circuits at a good pace. This is my time to soak in the views and praise the Lord. I usually have wonderful prayer time. This morning was a little different.

Several times I needed to stop and shake tiny (and dang sharp!) stones from my shoes. That brought my thoughts to the last walk Jesus took through Jerusalem. Most likely barefoot; certainly bloodied.

Did You feel the sharp stones cutting into Your feet? You couldn’t stop to clear them off. You probably had nothing on.

When You fell, did those stones and pebbles imbed into Your palms? Cut open Your elbows a d knees? No one cleaned those wounds

Abject suffering. For my redemption.

He chose that final walk for me.

Amazing love. Unmerited favor.

He chose that walk for you, too. Have you spoken to Him today? This week? Ever? If not, why not? He’s there. He will listen. He walked over stones, and more, for you.

Be blessed. Dream big.

Till next time, Barb