Book Review: Saving Detroit by Michelle Bolanger

I love to read. I read a lot. Most genres. Rarely will a book, after that initial book coma, leave me haunted. That is what Saving Detroit did. I could not shake the plights of the  characters.

Saving Detroit, Michelle BolangerMeet Luke Kelso, young up-and-coming crew chief for his father’s successful race team. He has everything the world could offer. A chance encounter and a decision to return to a party best left Inge Luke into a six month living hell as the pet of a sex trafficker. Once he is rescued, Luke wrestles with emotions running the gamut of shame to vengeance. He’s rocked by revelations of his beloved father’s past that further challenge his weakened faith. An encounter with Goldie at the safe house propels him to confront God with his anger and betrayal.

I am touched by how horrified Luke was; how evil the Enforcers are. How Luke struggles, really wrestles with God. The choices of his father that started the path. I know all of us have that “Why?” moment. The author beautifully portrays that, even in the most horrendous  circumstances, God is there, He had not left us and will carry us through.

If you are looking for a book that will open your eyes and heart to an enormous problem in the world today. Saving Detroit is it. It happens to boys and girls alike. The author, Michelle Bolanger, brings this horrific situation to light without being graphic. While realistic, this book can absolutely be classified as a clean read. It is gritty, heart-wrenching and will leave you contemplating it long after you close the book.

She has also included, in the back matter, links to organizations that are helping victims reclaim their lives. Proceeds from the sale of Saving Detroit are going to one of them. Bravo, Michelle.

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