Other Books

Angels Unaware is my other published work so far.

Angels UnawareIn this world, we are oblivious to the unseen battle raging around us.

Millions of people world-wide listen to her music. She lives a lifestyle many can only dream of. Superstar entertainer Moriah has achieved the very goal she set out to pursue: human adulation. Her bold and brash style masks the pain carried deep in her heart. Pain she refuses to deal with; pain that caused her to turn from the God of her youth.

When news of her mother’s death hits hard, she rejects the consolation which is available through her estranged family, which includes her husband. She flees from reality through drugs and drink and almost loses her very life. Clarion, a messenger from God, gives her the opportunity to understand her past and reclaim her future. Moriah is given a front row seat to the invisible war for her very soul.


I have a new series in the works. Harrington: Featuring Pastor Jesse Petras who helps his friend and fellow pastor Sam Jordan open a men’s ministry center. Things are not always what they seem, especially in the business of redemption and changed lives. Bookstore manager Celia McCann learns this when Sam and Jesse enter her life.