“Under Construction” in Lakeville…Keep Your Eyes Open!

Growing up in the Garden State, I’ve seen my share of road construction signs. It’s an ongoing season in N.J. that never ends, just moves from place to place, bottling up traffic where you least NEED it.



That’s what’s happening in Lakeville, and I must say it’s rather exciting! As I’m waiting on Restoration to return edited, I’ve been working on covers. Yes, multiple covers! Both Seasons and Sunnie are getting cover and interior makeovers! They’ll look crisper, cleaner and more professional. I must reiterate: I’m rather excited!

Keep your eyes open for the announcement for 1) pre-orders for Restoration’s print version and 2) special offers on the new and improved print versions of Seasons and Sunnie.* I’m sure they’ll be new book trailers and memes floating around, too. You know how it is once the creative phase starts. As in the classic children’s tale, when you give an author a new program to play with….

The website will also be getting some sprucing up in the months ahead. Again, moving toward a crisper, more fresh look. With added features, including newsletter sign up, previews and more. Exciting things happening in Lakeville!

*I must add, this does not negate the work and hours put into the previous covers and interior design by Laura and Chautona. The fact that they still speak to me on a regular basis proves my mania was lovingly (hopefully) tolerated. I am so very grateful to both for their continued support, help, and encouragement.

As Always, be Blessed Till Next Time!



Seasons giveaway at City Chick!

My wonderful friend Donna O., THE City Chick in the Country, will be giving away a signed copy of Seasons Of A Life on her blog. Okay, in reality, she will pick the winner randomly from commenters on her review, and I’ll be sending it. Minor detail.

She sent me a sneak peek at the post, and my friend made me weepy. She really “got” the story. I love it when that happens!

In fact, I love it so much that for 2 days (March 18-19) you can grab Seasons Of A Life on Kindle free* and Sunnie’s Rainbow for $1.99. That’s TWO books for $2! Really great timing considering Restoration is abouthisclose to release. It’s in the hands of my editor/cousin Barbara and I’m working on the cover. I am using the cover Chautona worked up for me for the Kindle. Because I love her. (okay, I love the cover, too) I’m very excited to get Restoration into everyone’s hands.

I’m even more excited about my next project, which will take me far from Lakeville. A friend from church asked me if I would help her write a book about her son, John, who at 42 is in the arms of Jesus. John was severely autistic. They are not sure, medically, why John passed away a short month ago, but Mary is leaning on the fact that God is sovereign. I was humbled and honored when she asked me to please help her put her memories, thoughts and hopes for all autistic children to print. I pray I do it justice. I will post more about this after Restoration is released. Till then, please pray for Mary and her family.

Till Next Time

Be Blessed!


*subject to Amazon’s quirks…due to be free at midnight, 3/18 doesn’t always translate to free at midnight on projected date


Sunnie Revisions DONE and Available!

Oh, how good it feels to finally SAY that! *releasing balloons and confetti* Sunnie’s Rainbow be found HERE. To celebrate, I dropped Seasons Of A Life to $0.99. My wonderful friend, City Chick a.k.a. Donna will be posting a review of Seasons on her blog, as well as a mini interview. She asks the most fun questions! I will link to her when it’s up.

Work on the next book is coming along well. I’m so pleased that I seem to have gotten over whatever mental block I had regarding formatting and such. I keep saying turning 50 is going to be my banner year. Keep an eye on the blog and Facebook page. I’ll be announcing pre-orders for Restoration soon, and a special for those of you who have the original books and would like the revisions. No, I’m not saying anything just yet. 😉

Finally, I hope you like the revised blog. I thought it needed a cleaner, more streamlined look. Next is the website. But that requires help, so I need to check with Heidi. *giggle* Hey, I can only be fabulous in so many areas.

Till next time, Be Blessed!




Happy Labor Day! Fill Your Kindle!

Well, maybe not fill, but you can load two books onto it!

Seasons Of A Life goes on promo for 48 hours starting TODAY! Sept 1!

Sunnie’s Rainbow follows close behind on Sept 2!

Now, friends, I am going to ask a few favors. Remember, I’m asking because I need to do all this promotional stuff myself instead of having a marketing manager.

~ Please link the free promo on any social media you participate in: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

~ There are book covers and trailers on my Pinterest account to repin; each book has it’s own board

~ PLEASE download, even if you have a copy. It helps the ranking. Like it on Amazon (small button next to the title)

~ Review it if possible. Reviews help get the word out

~ Like the Lakeville Facebook page, my Amazon author page, my Pinterest boards, follow me on Twitter…you know, all that stuff (Goodreads, too!)

Thank you to all who do the little extra things to spread the word about Lakeville.

Have a terrific weekend!




Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

Ah, Sunshine, Ellen Young. Official rebellious eldest child. Born just weeks after her mother, Samantha Young, graduated high school. Beautiful, tempestuous and a fun character to write.

To celebrate this most auspicious occasion, I’m having a Kindle promotion! Sunnie’s Rainbow, book 2 in the Lakeville series, will be available for a free download starting Thursday (June 21) lasting through Sunday (June 24). If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can also ‘borrow’ Seasons Of A Life through the Kindle Owners Lending Library and read them both! 😉

Of course, if you just love the feel of a book in hand, Seasons Of A Life and Sunnie’s Rainbow are available on Amazon, Createspace and my website if you’d like a signed copy.

Enjoy the summer with a great read!


Post-Sunnie Update Time

Here I sit awaiting the email from Create space that my 50 books have shipped.

So, what does an author do while she’s in ‘production down time’? (besides fretting over what book is coming next, revising 298 plot lines and devising a vegetarian diet for her family of 4)

Reading. Yes, my goodness, I’ve forgotten how wonderful it is to actually read something without looking for typos, punctuation errors (which I’m not good at, anyhow) or formatting. I haven’t even thought of snitching a phrase, because I just want to absorb!

I’m back on track with my 3650 reading plan. I bobbled pretty bad in March, and struggled to get back into it this month. It’s a good plan and even with my space out, I’ve still read more of the Great Book this year than I have in several years. I’m into my second reading of Lists 3,4, 7 and 10. (my revised lists are here) I’m 1/3 of the way through Psalms, up to 1 Samuel, just finished entering the Promised Land and reading Christ’s Passion, and Isaiah is…well, hard. 😉

My most recent reads are posted on Goodreads, but I will list them here for those of you not there.

Spotlight: A Close-Up Look at the Artistry and Meaning of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga

I really enjoyed John’s walk through the Harry Potter series. This one is taking a bit of time to read through. He writes quite heady, and I’m losing track of what he’s saying. But, I am determined to finish it, just because. I’m sure I won’t be totally in his corner as I was with Potter, but that’s okay.

Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

My new favorite spiritual author. He had a 3 book Kindle freebie last week and I grabbed this and the other 2. I’ve been wanting to read this for some time and I’m delighted to say that my Kindle App highlights quite efficiently. I may add it to my iPhone so I can cart this book around with me.

What Left Behind Left Out

Yes, I am ashamed  to say I am still plodding through this…Lori, I PROMISE I will get through it!!! 😉

California Gold

It’s been YEARS since I picke dup a John Jakes novel. Spurred on by a conversation with Chautona about a series she’s just starting to write, I grabbed this. Typical jakes style, sweeping you through California in the 1880’s with Macklin Chance.

How to Bake a Perfect Life

Spur of the moment library grab and I am so glad I did. I devoured it in a day, cried my eyes out and promptly requested more of her books. A few good recipes in it too boot.
Second in the series, the backstory of her Mortal Instruments series. London in the 1800’s, and some familiar characters arise. Steampunk at it’s best.

City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4)

Disturbing installment of the series in which all proverbial hell breaks loose (literally) Looking forward to the 5th, due in May.
A classic reread. One of my favorite of the series about Pern.
ETA: I should have blogged sooner, I got an email an hour after this posted that the books shipped! WHOO HOOOOO!

We Are LIVE!

Oh, Happy Day! Oh, Happy Day!

Even with the little glitches (Amazon will go live in a few days, and the cover isn’t showing up on Goodreads yet) it’s been a wonderful morning!

My hubby sipped tea with me while I approved and ordered 50 copies, posted on every site I possibly could and giggled like a mad woman the whole time. Now, THAT is commitment, people! 😉

A few things I’ll remember for Angels Unaware, the next in live for this insane process called “editing and publication,” and the biggest one is that MY estimated release date is usually about 8 weeks off. math never was my strong suit.

I almost don’t care if Kyle wins the Texas race tonight…almost 😉 And now it’s back to the mundane: laundry, bottle washing and schooling before the editing fever sets in.

Kindle: Sunnie’s Rainbow

Amazon: Sunnie’s Rainbow, soft cover

Have a great day, everyone!