Re-Post: My Real-Life Silas

October 23 update: Yes, this is a repost. But, with a purpose. You see, my real-life Silas has a beautiful baby daughter, who is 4 months old. She was just diagnosed with adrenal cancer, and is in Children’s Hospital in Aurora CO, as I type. So, I am asking all of those who follow my sporadic blog to pray for baby Annaliese, and her parents, Mike (Silas) and Sarah, as they walk through chemoptherapy. Also, here is a link to Annaliese’s Caring Bridge page.


Yes, I do happen to know a young man from church who looks exactly how Silas looks in my mind. The first time I saw him, I sort of shoved poor Retro Man (my hunny) off the chair he was in. You see, Mike used to work in the church kitchen. Irony of ironies, right? When I started working in the kitchen, and I found out that Shelly is his mom, I asked her if anyone in Lakeville reminded her of Silas…she thought a moment, then laughed. So, here’s a few shots of Mike, a.k.a. Silas giggle4 Silas #1 Silas #2

Thanks to Shelly for sharing him with the world…well, my little corner of it, anyhow.

Oct. 23: here are the ribbons for Annaliese


K4TC postcard

Coming Out Of Seclusion…

Wow, has it been that long? Feels like it!

I like the new look of the dashboard here on WordPress, but that’s besides the point. I’ve been working hard in my new position as Children’s Director for my Community Bible Study class, and the Lord very clearly told me to focus on that and lay the writing down a while.

Oh, the agony.

But, since I am almost finished with the main objective (craft preparation, sorting and bagging) I heard a small voice say, “Almost.”

*balloons and confetti are released*

I put down a very important project, and I’m excited to be picking it back up. Karen was most gracious when I told her the book would be delayed till 2015. (really, she was…) In 2 weeks I’ll be at the annual fundraiser she holds, and we’ll be doing some pre-release press. It’s all very exciting. To celebrate, I will have my Lakeville books on Kindle on sale for $0.99 each.

Please hop over to Karens For The Cure and pray about helping this wonderful cause.

K4TC postcard


Technical Difficulties, Again

If I believed in such things as The Fates, I would certainly say they were out to get me.

My long beloved, but problematic, dying MacBook (aptly named Q) has decided that my manuscripts are all his property and has been blocking every effort of mine to send them to myself by way of email, Google Docs, Dropbox and thumb drive. No matter what I try, they will not go through. It’s a very frustrating situation. I printed 65 pages of Trial and Triumph, since that’s the one that keeps disappearing. I’ve been transcribing it over, editing along the way, so it’s not all for naught. I did manage to download a copy of Angels Unaware, since I had it in my email. I also successfully sent/uploaded my graphics

The inner Trek Geek in me chastises my more sensible side, by reminding me that Q never did get along with Guinan, the name of my new touch screen Asus. It seems an odd coincidence, though, does it not?

This morning, when I planned on getting on Q and copying and pasting the 3 pertinent manuscripts, by hand, to email and a web site, low and behold, Q was frozen . He is now shut down. Ugh. This is not going well.

I seems to have a love/hate relationship with my electronic pals. They never seem to quite live up to their vaulted reputations. Oh well. I guess I need that reminder to my put my trust in anything but Jesus. And, perhaps, a notebook. whistle




Pauline Adventures or Studies From Acts

We’re coming to the close of my Community Bible Study class, and we’ve been in the book of Acts the past 29 weeks. It’s been an amazing adventure that starts out with the Holy Spirit and ends with Paul obeying the Holy Spirit while imprisoned in Rome.

The past week we had an occasion to “write a paragraph” describing Paul’s shipwreck in chapter 27. Well, writers usually are a bit more wordy, and I thought perhaps you’d enjoy what I shared with my class. I wrote in the guise of a Roman male prisoner aboard the ship carrying Paul.

CBS, Study of Acts
Lesson 29, Acts Chap 27

We were going to die.

I knew the others felt the same. How could we not? Chained together, being tossed back and forth in the bottom of a smelly boat, with no hope.

The Jew over there kept talking about his God, and how an angel was sent to him to assure him that no one would die. Bah! Angels and gods, we have them too, and they are powerless. Silly pieces of stone and wood…they afford no comfort when you are face to face with death.

I had to find out more about this Paul. A prisoner, but not as the others, for he was chained to his own private guard. I asked whet he had done…killed? Cheated? Raped? The answer came back that he was a religious prisoner, on trial because he followed a dead Nazarene, proclaiming him risen from the dead! There were not many among us who knew of this man. It sparked my curiosity.

At the height of the storm, Paul told us of a time when this Nazarene was also caught in a storm; He and his followers were out on the Galillee sea. Paul said he rebuked the storm, which was as bad as this and it calmed. How can this be?

Again, the dead Nazarene’s followers were on their boat—fisherman, they were—when caught up in a sudden storm. One, a big man Paul called Cephas, looked out from the boat and saw this man, Jesus, walking to them!

From that night, I listened to Paul, despite my doubts. When I was alone, as alone as I could be being chained together, I could think of nothing else but this man Jesus and the tales Paul told of Him. Was He really the Son of the God Paul worshipped? Was He the one who sent the angel to Paul?

The final night of our journey,  Paul assured us we would survive., and that we should eat something. I was certain Paul was crazy, but I bowed my head when he prayed to his God, thanking Him for providing. There were almost 300 of us, and we all were able to eat. After, we were loosened to help lighten the ship’s load by tossing the remaining wheat into the sea.

In the morning, the vessel ran aground. I cursed Paul’s false claims; I heard the soldiers’ plans to kill us all as to save themselves. I would not go without a fight!

A centurion, sent along to guard Paul, thwarted their plot, in order that Paul would be delivered to his trail in front of Ceasar himself. This man, this small, balding, old man, was of such import that a Roman centurion risked his own life to save him. My view of Paul began to change, as did that of His God.

We were ordered to jump ship and swim to shore. I looked to Paul and he nodded, with a grin, and said, “Not one here will perish. I will see you on shore.” His confidence bolstered my own, and I dove into the cold waters with a renewed sense of survival…a hope that had faded long ago.

We all were saved. All of us. Paul went on to Rome. I heard Nero called for his head. I am sure that Paul went merrily to his demise, so strong was his faith in his Jesus. And I now understand, as I share that same faith and await my trial for my crimes. It may not be as strong as Paul’s, for I have not had the time or the teaching as he. But it is there, and I am certain that nothing ever again will come between me and the love that the God of the universe has for such as myself. A ragged, worn sinner. Thanks be to God for Paul’s witness of faith.




Overwhelmed! Thank You!

What a wonderful birthday celebration I had! The Denver Library (SEVEN foors!) then The Tattered Cover (over 1 million books!) and over 1400 downloads of Seasons of a Life, Sunnie’s Rainbow and Restoration! Thank you to all who shared about Lakeville.

The books are back to their regular prices, but don’t forget to get your Kindle authorgraph! Click on the box on the top right and it will take you to the page. Also, my books are enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook program. Purchase a traditional copy of the book, and get a Kindle copy for a great deal!

Again, thank you so much!



Time For…

A giveaway!

It seems like some time since I posted a flash giveaway. Since Tom is a high school football star and the Super Bowl is in my beloved home state this Sunday, AND I just found out that my friend’s son will be in the half time show, AAAND, it’s his dad who was my “tech adviser” on police matters when I wrote Sunnie’s Rainbow….

*take a breath*


Offense: Hitting a Lakeville police cruiser

Culprit: Sunshine Young

Charges: Love at First Crash

Complaint: Filed under: Destiny

Plans for Sunnie’s new life in Lakeville did not include police interference. They have been put on probation, under the watchful eye of Officer Tom Jacobs.

Sentenced to Lifetime Surveillance

Read Sunnie’s Rainbow to see how the case unfolds.

Use the super-cool Rafflecopter form. The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment, which is the question “Who will win the Big Game on Sunday?” (must use the form)  If you’d like to share via Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc, go for it! For updates on new releases, sign up for the newsletter. Follow the blog. Like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter and Pinterest. Don’t you just love social media? party_19

Winner announced here on February 4. Look for the Bergenfield High School marching band during half time. GO BEARS!

a Rafflecopter giveaway




What’s the Buzz? Mondays

Happy New Year!

On “What’s the Buzz? Mondays” I’ll add a little of this and that…just to keep you up to date on things that are buzzin’ in my life as #crazyauthor.

Book Buzz:

To Tuscany, With Love by Gail Mencini…tells the story of seven friends who spend a summer in Italy as youths, and reunite 30 years later. Secrets are broken and friendships, as well as old romances, mend. Some semi-graphic details I would have been happy without, and I frankly think the book would have been better without, but it was a decent read.


34 days, 0 hours, 42 minutes, 23 seconds till the Daytona 500…more or less party_19

WIP Buzz:

Angels Unaware: Chapters 1-4 in process editing, still looking for the original owner of the shot I want to use as the cover


Trial and Triumph (Lakeville 4): cover designed, 23,453 words in process

Wynter’s Gift (Lakeville Christmas Novella): cover designed; editing to begin in May

By The Hand of His Grace (Lakeville 5): cover designed, still under 5000 words

Bible Buzz:

Studying Acts with Community Bible Study and reading through Psalm 119

What’s buzzin’ around you?

Till next time, dream big!


Priceless by Lori Ramsey…

Lori Ramsey is a fellow Indie author. Her new book, Priceless, was released December 10! This sounds like a book I’d love to read, and I’m looking forward to grabbing it!


Have you ever wondered if there was any sin that God’s grace doesn’t cover? Does a person live who has fallen so deeply in the mire of sin that even God’s love and mercy can’t reach? Even when all hope seems lost and you think life is no longer worth living, God’s love shines through…somehow…

He works in mysterious ways, even when we make the conscious choice to deny Him. He wishes for no one to be lost. No one…

Priceless – Love’s True Worth is such a story, a coming of age romance about a young girl faced with almost more than she can handle. Her life leads her to ill choices that lead her down a dark and unworthy path…until she meets him…until he introduces her to the One who can reach down and save her. The question remains, will she accept it? Will she change her ways?

From the back cover…

Of what value is a life? For some the cost of companionship is a few dollars while to others the cost is a lifetime of commitment to another. Annequin’s life in Shady Grove begins simply enough, a caricature of the early lives of many young girls who find themselves the victims of circumstance. Loss and a lack of deep caring in her home eventually drive this beautiful young woman away from her difficult home life to another life that she believes will be her way to happiness. As far too many in Annequin’s position discover, the road chosen is sometimes paved with pain and disappointment. With time and the testing of a young heart and soul, the woman from Shady Grove learns the true meaning of love and grace given by others.

From Lori on “Why I Wrote Priceless”:

I wrote this novel wanting to show that not everyone starts on a pristine path to his or her Christian walk. Some people may have unfortunate circumstances that leads them down the dark paths of sin and then choose to turn their back on the One who can redeem them. In Priceless, I show that no matter how dark the night may be, God’s light can find a way.

Priceless is available as a digital download on Amazon Kindle, Nook, SmashWords, and soon on Kobo, iTunes, and Sony. Priceless is available on Amazon as paperback too.

More info on Lori

LA Ramsey enjoys writing about her faith in novels from her home with her husband and six children. Priceless was 19 years in the making. This is her second novel. Her first novel is Sunny Beam – The Holy Lion, a Christian romance, available on Amazon.


You can find Lori at: LA Ramsey, Facebook , Pintrest, and Twitter.


Merry Christmas! Kindle Sale

Those of you who get the newsletter already know. The Kindle sale on the Lakeville series starts TOMORROW!

Now, UNfortunately, due to a persnickety thing on Amazon, none of them are free. BUT!!! Tomorrow, December 17th, they will all be $0.99! Catch them tomorrow,and you’ll have the whole series under $3.00!

Seasons of a Life will remain $0.99 till December 23rd. Sunnie’s Rainbow and Restoration will go up incrementally through the week, returning to their regular list prices on December 23rd.

Don’t forget to leave a review! You can do this on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and Shelfari!

Enjoy the books and the holidays! Remember:

Jesus Reason


Christmas fun coming soon! Check your email!

There’s a little gift in the Christmas newsletter coming out this weekend. You know how much I love giving things away!

We’ve had a very busy season here, with basketball, Thanksgiving and school stuff. NaNoWriMo was a bust (I didn’t break 25,000) but that’s all okay. Things have settled down and I broke out my manuscripts to be edited and published in 2014. I’m going to get a good head start on those next week!

The review of The Harbinger is on it’s way. It’s a hard review to write, as I said in my previous post.

Wishing you all a blessed weekend!
Keep those dreams soaring!