January #WIPjoy Challenge

I’ve been following the January #wipjoy Challenge from Bethany A. Jennings of @SimmeringMind. If you hop over to the Facebook page, or Twitter, you’ll see the ones that I’ve done.

Today was a poem about or featured in your WIP.  Without further adieu, here is a poem about Trial and Triumph (Book 5 in the Lakeville Series)
*fair warning; poetry is not my strength

Pursuit of relationship
Be it family, lover or friend
Lost in the shuffle
Of the daily struggle

Dreams have been pushed aside
Once alive and burning
Due to one

Without the realization
He almost loses all
Driven to his knees
To reclaim what was lost
To renew his heart
To dream again
No matter the loss

A price is paid
A family is
Made stronger
Through adversity

Shines through the dark
It cleanses and restores
And forever more


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