Book Review: Web of Deceit, Susan Sleeman

This is the premier title in Susan’s new Agents Under Fire series. It begins with edge-of-your-seat suspense and doesn’t stop until the final sentence. Not what I expected. BETTER! Warning: don’t read late at night because you will not sleep till it’s finished!

Kait Knight lives every agent’s nightmare; tailing a family member, her brother-in-law, as a mastermind criminal hacker. She find that he is also quite mentally unhinged. In an attempt to kill her, Fenton Rhoades accidentally kills his wife, Kait’s twin sister Abby. He escapes, and the following three years are Kait’s attempts in catching him at all odds. The story picks up at that point, showing Kait struggles with being a single mother raising her sister’s only child and balancing her career as a Special Agent in Portland. Add in a healthy dose of maternal disapproval, and you see Kait’s living on the edge.

Kait and Fenton play a tight, no holds barred cat and mouse game as he attempts to gain his child back and revenge on Kait for Abby’s death. The local police, in the form of Detective Sam Murdock, who was at the original crime scene three years ago, begin investigating a series of seemingly unconnected murders. He and Kait must work together, and with the task force formed, to catch Fenton before his serial murder spree grows. It’s all out thrills as you follow the trails, cringe when they miss and cheer the final outcome.

Susan follows her other suspense series in fine form. The characters are real, down to earth and engaging. She uses accurate background data so the tale is believable, a compliment to her attention to small detail and research.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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