Repeat Post: Have I Ever Shown You My Real-Life Silas?

October 23 update: Yes, this is a repost. But, with a purpose. You see, my real-life Silas has a beautiful baby daughter, who is 4 months old. She was just diagnosed with adrenal cancer, and is in Children’s Hospital in Aurora CO, as I type. So, I am asking all of those who follow my sporadic blog to pray for baby Annaliese, and her parents, Mike (Silas) and Sarah, as they walk through chemoptherapy. Also, here is a link to Annaliese’s Caring Bridge page.


Yes, I do happen to know a young man from church who looks exactly how Silas looks in my mind. The first time I saw him, I sort of shoved poor Retro Man (my hunny)¬†off the chair he was in. You see, Mike used to work in the church kitchen. Irony of ironies, right? When I started working in the kitchen, and I found out that Shelly is his mom, I asked her if anyone in Lakeville reminded her of Silas…she thought a moment, then laughed. So, here’s a few shots of Mike, a.k.a. Silas giggle4 Silas #1 Silas #2 Thanks to Shelly for sharing him with the world…well, my little corner of it, anyhow. dhsigbanner

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