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She Who Must Not Be Named! *nice handle giggle4*  SWMNBN, Please email me your address so we can get your copy of Sunnie’s Rainbow right in the mail.

SunnRevise4Sunnie’s Rainbow is the second book in the Lakeville series.

Sunshine Young has moved back to Lakeville. Her life has changed and she’s making a new life in her hometown. A fender bender begins a whole new chapter in Sunnie’s uncomplicated life. Complications abound as Sunnie struggles to truly put behind past hurts and open her heart to the Lord’s way.
Amazon reviewers say:
This book, the 2nd in the series, is an excellent read. I devoured it as I did Seasons of a Life. I absolutely can NOT wait for the next book to come out as I really want to see how these characters are doing. The conversational way D.H. Barbara writes is like having a talk with my bestie. This lady has talent! ~Rosanna
This is a good story with realistic twists and turns for the characters. Excellent use of conflict to develop characters the reader cares about. The story does go on a bit long but keeps your attention. The formatting of the book sometimes make it difficult to determine which character is speaking. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction with a bit of romance thrown in. ~ P. Williams
My favorite fiction combines a good relationship story with the story of someone’s coming to faith. This book does just that, and in a very powerful way. If you enjoyed Seasons of a Life, you’ll love this one! ~ Annalise
I hope you enjoy it too, Sheila. (Yes, I know who she is!)

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