The Lakeville Fall Promotion is starting tomorrow, September 20 and running through Tuesday, September 23!

Sunnie’s Rainbow and Restoration will be free, and Seasons of a Life is only $1.99…that’s the whole series for $2

Seasons Of A Life

 Sunnie’s Rainbow: Book Two in the Lakeville Series

Restoration: Book Three in the Lakeville Series

This is your chance to get the updated versions of both Seasons and Sunnie. Sunnie has a bonus chapter, and there’s a recipe included in Restoration. IF you have the old versions of either the first two books, you can delete them from your account and re-download. (Just remember that Seasons of a Life is not on free promotion.)

Please post, pin, Tweet and share in as many places as you can! And please consider putting a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari and any other place where they allow book reviews! Word of mouth is the best advertising!

Thank you! Till next time, let your dreams SOAR HIGH!




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