Book Review: The Hartfield Mysteries Series by Chautona Havig

If you are a fan of Chautona’s, you’re already familiar with eccentric mystery author, Alexa Hartfield. She lives in the quaint town of Fairbury, makes regular but brief appearances in many of Chautona’s books and wears clothing from the Edwardian through the Roaring Twenties eras. She is utterly unconcerned about what people think of her vast and eclectic wardrobe, and she is generous to all who call her friend, and even those who may not. Her books are all best sellers, and at least one is a movie. Yet, she is human, and as all of us humans, has some heartbreak in her life. happily, she has a whole series of stories in which she is the main character!

The Hartfield Mysteries Series begins with Book One: Manuscript for Murder. In it, we get to know Alexa better. Meet her family. Understand some of her woes, one of which is that someone is replicating the murders from her latest, unpublished novel in Fairbury. A side story appears when Alexa meets a young fan in need of a transplant and her handsome, eligible father. A relationship develops, but not the one you may think! In the meantime, people are still being killed at an alarming rate. She’s increasingly discouraged as the spree goes unsolved and considers giving up her beloved career. As she strives to help the police, the story stays lively; you’re not quite sure who the perp is until it’s unveiled and then you shout, “OF COURSE!” and your family all look at you as though you’ve just fallen from a tree branch. Come on, that happens to everyone, right? *Ahem*

The second book, Crime of Fashion, opens with Alexa’s entry into the fashion industry. She agrees to partner in a line of clothing inspired in some ways by her own individual style. With the news that her young friend is being taken to the hospital, Alexa hurries to Chicago to be near her (and the handsome, unattached father) which ruffles Fairbury officer and avowed bachelor, Joe, who helped solve the last crime wave. As it happens, mayhem follows her, and joe is afraid she is again in danger. Someone does not want the new clothing line to be successful. On top of that, both Joe and Alexa are confused about their relationship and are trying to make some sense of it all.  Once again, Chautona hints at, but doesn’t reveal the killer until you’re sure it’s someone else. A very surprise ending, in more ways than one!

The third, Two O’Clock Slump, will be coming soon! Keep your eyes on her website! It’s promising to be a good one, what with a wedding and all (oops! did I just say that? *wink, wink*)

In reading through the reviews on Amazon, one person said “You can’t go wrong with a novel by Chautona!” and they are so right! Stop by her website and check out all of her books, enter a contest or two and please do not miss her post about Project Stephen. Here’s more about it from my Facebook page:

You all know Chautona. I mention her at least 2 times a week, probably more. She’s an amazing author, a true mentor in every good way, and an awesome friend. Almost a year ago, her life, as well as her family’s, changed forever when her 3 year old grandson Stephen stepped on a downed power line. 
Chautona is writing a fictionalized account of the story. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO FOR STEPHEN’S CONTINUED CARE. Please take a moment to read the post and forward to as many of your friends as possible. Support the Havig family with your prayers as well. Thank you, my friends.

Be blessed and hold your loved ones close this weekend,


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